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Fire Extinguishing Ball
Fire Extinguishing Ball Fire Extinguishing Ball
Fire Extinguishing Ball Fire Extinguishing Ball Fire Extinguishing Ball

Fire Extinguishing Ball

6999 INR/Piece

Product Details:


Fire Extinguishing Ball Price And Quantity

  • 3500.00 - 6999.00 INR/Piece
  • 6999 INR/Piece
  • 50 Piece

Fire Extinguishing Ball Product Specifications


Fire Extinguishing Ball Trade Information

  • 500 Piece Per Week
  • 1 Days
  • carton Box

Product Description

Fire Extinguishing Ball is manufactured from human as well as environmentally friendly materials with approved technology due to which safe to use and non-toxic to the environment. The outer layer of the ball is made of pent form of 11mm thick shield by polyvinyl chloride film. It contains Non-Toxic Mono Ammonium Phosphate fire extinguishing agent that make its highly effective against different fire types. Having lightweight around 1.3kg, it is suitable for kids, women, elderly people and anyone. The Fire Extinguishing Ball does not require any training to use because it's used by just throwing by one hand into fire.

Features & Specifications:
  • It does not self-ignite when damaged or shaken.
  • When comes in contact with fire, it performs automatically
  • Its built-in alarm releases approx. 138-dB noise when it get exploded
  • It gets activated within 5 to 10 seconds after contacting the fire.
  • It suppress a large fire if utilized together with 2 or more balls
  • Function : Flame Activated
  • Fire Rating : 1A* , 5B* , C*
  • Dimension : Sphere, Diameter 15cm
  • Chemical Weight : 1.25 kg
  • Gross Weight : 1.30 Kg Approx

Product details



Fire Extinguisher Type

A B C Dry Powder Type

Fire Class

B, A, C


5 Kg


1 A


Non Toxic


A fire extinguisher ball also known as a fire ball or fire suppression ball is a relatively new innovation in fire safety technology It is designed to quickly and effectively extinguish small fires by being thrown or rolled into the fireaffected area The ball is activated upon contact with flames releasing its fireextinguishing agents

Here are some key features and information about fire extinguisher balls

    1 Activation Fire extinguisher balls are typically activated through contact with an open flame Once they come into direct contact with fire they automatically activate and release their contents to suppress the flames

    2 Composition The ball is usually made of a lightweight nontoxic material that can withstand high temperatures Inside the ball there are fireextinguishing agents such as dry chemical powder foam or other extinguishing substances

    3 Size and Weight Fire extinguisher balls come in various sizes typically ranging from a tennis ball to a soccer ball The size and weight can influence the area they can cover and the fires extinguishing capabilities

    4 ThrowingRolling To use a fire extinguisher ball you can simply throw or roll it into the fireaffected area This can be especially useful when a fire is in an enclosed space or difficulttoreach location

    5 Coverage Area Fire extinguisher balls are best suited for small fires such as those involving a waste bin stove electrical equipment or similar items They may not be effective for large or rapidly spreading fires

    6 Limitations Fire extinguisher balls have limitations They might not be as effective as traditional fire extinguishers for certain types of fires and they do not replace the need for proper fire safety practices evacuation plans and the use of standard fire extinguishers

    7 Maintenance Fire extinguisher balls generally have a long shelf life and require minimal maintenance However its important to regularly inspect them for damage or signs of deterioration

    8 Suitable Environments Fire extinguisher balls can be suitable for various environments such as homes offices kitchens workshops and even vehicles They are particularly useful in places where traditional fire extinguishers might be less accessible

    9 Training Fire extinguisher balls are designed to be simple to use without requiring special training However users should still be familiar with their operation and limitations

    10 Regulations and Standards The use of fire extinguisher balls might be subject to local regulations and standards Its important to ensure that any fire safety equipment you use complies with relevant guidelines

While fire extinguisher balls can offer an additional layer of fire protection they are not a replacement for proper fire safety measures such as having working smoke detectors wellmaintained traditional fire extinguishers and clear evacuation plans If youre considering using fire extinguisher balls its a good idea to research the specific products available in your area understand their capabilities and limitations and incorporate them as part of a comprehensive fire safety strategy

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