Company Brief

We are today a manufacturer of Fire Safety Products in a facility spread across 8 acres of land in Haryana with a motive to bring world-class products to all facets of fire extinguishing sector. Our products are complemented by comprehensive maintenance and service supplies, right from powder extinguishers filling machines, to extinguisher and system spares. We want to resolve and bestow the convenience of people. We aspire to create a company of tomorrow.

Product Development

Product development is an imperative practice followed in our company to keep pace with the requirements of people. Latest technology is employed in the making our one-of-a-kind fire safety related products. We test new products intended for outdoor use in our own ground.

About AFO Fire Extinguisher

AFO Fire Extinguisher is a portable and self-executing device that can be used for suppressing fire in few seconds when thrown into the fire. It is a true example of technology breakthrough and a great alternative to traditional fire extinguisher. The benefits of using Auto Fire Off Fire Extinguisher Ball include the following:

1. Genuine activator It activates only in the event of fire, no false fire alarm can activate it.
2. User-Friendly In an event of fire, the user just requires to roll the Auto Fire Off Fire Extinguisher Ball into the fire. It will make people nearby aware of the fire. For handling and using this extinguisher ball, no special training is required.
3. Self-executing It must be kept in fire-prone place, as it automatically blows up and extinguishes the fire.
4. Immediate Action Anyone can now be a fire extinguisher now and do not have to wait for fire brigades.
5. Portable  The ball 1.3 Kg approx.
6. Easy Installation It can be wall mounted or kept on table. The shelf life of this fire extinguisher ball is 5 years.
7. Cost-Effective The total production cost is low.